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What does Elijah have to do with coffee?

Elijah was an Old Testament prophet in the Bible who promoted reconciliation between Israel and God. He was often in great danger from Queen Jezebel and King Ahab, who were leading the nation into idol worship. Elijah was often very discouraged and on several occasions, God provided him with a sanctuary where he could rest and rejuvenate. Elijah’s Specialty Coffee & Tea wants to be your sanctuary where you can take the angel's advice to Elijah in I Kings 19 to "Arise and eat: because the journey is too great for thee."

We look forward to being the place you come to study, spend time with family, or just enjoy a game of Scrabble with friends. Please make yourself at home.


Elijah’s is Elmhurst’s neighborhood coffee shop, owned and operated by Laura Giese, who is dedicated to providing the highest-quality products in an atmosphere that is both welcoming and friendly to everyone.

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